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Spirit of Caring Awards announced at 2016 Annual Meeting

posted: February 2nd, 2017

Spirit of Caring Awards are awarded to Outstanding Organization, Outstanding Volunteer and Outstanding Board Member.  These awards are voted on by the board members.  These are members of the community and the board that show dedicatation and passion for the United Way of Effingham County.  These are forward thinking organizations that see value in helping the United Way’s partner agencies and in turn, those individuals each agency serves.

Congratulations to our Spirit of Caring Award Winners; Outstanding Volunteer – Imagine This! Marketing Group, Outstanding Organization – Stevens Industries, Inc., Outstanding Board Member – Ross Richardson! Thanks for all you do

Pictured for Imagine This! Marketing Group  L to R:  Tyson Reed, Brian Grubb, Deana Nuxoll and Lindsay Wagner

Pictures for Stevens Industries L to R:  Joan Thies, Lisa Koerner, Katie Smithenry and JR Elder

Pictures for Outstanding Board Member is Ross Richardson from HSHS St. Anthony’s Hospital